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Our mission is to expand true wellness and health awareness throughout the country. We believe reaching your unique wellness will lead you to the real happiness in your life.

Our service includes offering valuable information and introducing trustworthy medical institutions in Japan.

Cancer Prevention

The most inovative way to prevent cancer at the very early stage.

Cosmetic Surgery

Dedicated consultation and satisfying result by experienced Japanese doctor.

Anti-aging therapy

Staying younger is the best way to prevent any disease.

Regenerative medicine

Regenerate your old cells by utilizing stem cell.

Introducing MiRTEST

MiRTEST is the most advanced cancer screening from Japan that able to detect diseases much earlier than existing tests.

This screening is done by detecting microRNA, small molecules that regulates gene expression existing inside cancer cells.

MiRTEST does not diagnose the onset of disease, but able to detect the possibility of cancer when these diseases are still at an early stage.

Cancer Detected by MiRTEST

Cancer types detected with MiRTEST

Cancer Explanation from Jalanmedis

MiRTEST Detects Much Earlier than Existing Tests
(Radiology and Tumor Marker Tests)

MiRTEST detects earlier

3 Steps of MiRTEST

Steps of MiRTEST


Have you ever experienced any frustration when you undergo medical treatment? We are here to help you by working with Japanese medical professionals and offering everything you need for your travel.

Medical Care

We work with various medical facilities in Japan to offer you the best solution.

Travel support

We will help you to come up with the best and amazing travel plan in Japan.


We offer communication support. So, language barrier will never be a problem.


We are happy to help you anytime. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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